Front Porch Grill & Bar

5924 N. Florida Ave.

Seminole Heights, 33604


Front Porch Grill & Bar is hidden away in Seminole Heights in an old Victorian house. The moderately priced menu of burgers, wings, pizza, seafood, and pasta has a "New Orleans" flare to it. They have a full bar, as well as beer & wine.

Restaurant Features

They have an outside bar, front porch dining (pun intended), live music, and brunch on Sundays.


I had never heard of this place, until I passed by one day. Turns out they have been there over 10 years.

We decided to try it out.

The atmosphere

Walking up you can see everyone inside through the large windows, having a good time. The porch looked so relaxing we decided to eat outside. They also have an outside covered bar tucked away to the side. The very friendly hostess had her station out on the front porch. It's a very casual atmosphere, not as much as skippers, but very close. Our server was a very friendly girl named Erica. (I Recommend Her)

The Menu & Food

The first thing I noticed was how cheap it was. The "Steak au Poivre" is only $16. They have large & small versions of many of their entrees. Despite all the choices, we nevertheless had to decide on something.

We Had

  • House Long Island Tea $8
  • House Gin on the Rocks $5.50
  • Mussels Meuniere Appetizer $9
  • Goat Cheese Pizza $10
  • Front Porch Bouillabaisse (Small Portion) $12

The Mussels had a very nice white wine sauce, and portion size was perfect.

The Goat Cheese Pizza was classic  "flat bread" style. It could have used a "little" basil, but good nevertheless.

The Front Porch Bouillabaisse was absolutely amazing. For the price, I was surprised at the size of the shrimp & portion size.

I will definitely be going back, next time I will check out their famous brunch.

For those of you that have been to, or will be trying out Front Porch Grill & Bar

You can post your reviews here.



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