Hot Rods BBQ Lutz (Smoked Bat Review)

18430 Livingston Ave

Lutz, FL 33549


Hot Rod's BBQ is a locally owned restaurant that serves classic BBQ with a few "redneck delicacies" . Where else can you go and eat smoked fruit bat in Tampa? They also serve "redneck prime rib" which is grilled spam. Hot Rod's has a 15 pound burger for those up to the challenge.

We Had All Pictured

  • Smoked Bat
  • 10 Wings

The smoked bat is served with corn pudding. I was a little skeptical about trying it, but you only live once right? Does it taste like chicken? Hmm, Just a little. Its more of a chicken and pork mix. Overall, it was very good.

The corn pudding served with the smoked bat was very flavorful.

The BBQ wings had a lot of flavor, and just fell of the bone.

For those that like to try a little something exotic, I do recommend trying Hot Rod's smoked bat.

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