Ranch House Grill

4426 W Gandy Blvd, Tampa, FL, 33611

Ranch house is a steakhouse in South Tampa. They are locally owned. They don't just serve steaks though. Ranch house serves lobster, grouper, BBQ, and much more.  They have a full bar saloon (as they call it). The atmosphere is very laid back. The early bird menu they offer is available 7 days a week until 6:30 pm.

We had (Pictured to the Right)

  • Lamb Chops $17.95
  • 1 lb Sirloin $13.99
  • Complimentary Bread

Pricing above is NOT the early bird.

The bread was absolutely amazing.

The lamb chops were prepared medium rare, and were spot on. They were served with squash in a tomato sauce.

The 1 pound sirloin is quite a deal for only $13.99. The seasoning was perfect.

I do reccommend visiting Ranch House if you have never been there. After you try it out, leave your review here.


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