Taste of India 1241 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33612 PH:813.341.8100

Taste of India on Fowler Ave. is an authentic Indian cuisine restaurant serving both North & South Indian food. They serve vegetarian dishes, chicken, lamb, goat, and much more. Taste of India also serves fresh baked breads.

We had (All Pictured)

  • Lollypop Chicken $7.95
  • Balti Ghost $15.95
  • Neelgiri Korma $15.95
  • Taj Mahal Beer 22oz $6.95

The Lollypop Chicken was very spicy, and flavorful at the same time. The Balti Ghost is Lamb with bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and chilis. The Neelgiri Korma is Lamb simmered in coconut, mint, and cilantro. All items were ordered "mild to medium" spicy. This turned out to be a smart idea, since they were quite spicy anyway.

So wether you are already a fan of authentic Indian cuisine, or looking to try it for the first time Taste of India is a good choice.

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Lollypop ChickenTaj Mahal BeerNeelgiri KormaBalti Ghost Dish