Terra Sur Café Review

5358 W. Village Dr., Tampa, Florida, 33624

Terra Sur Café is a Peruvian and South American restaurant located right off of Ehrlich rd. They offer fine dining service at a mid market price. One very unique thing about Terre Sur cafe is the very extensive beer list they have. They have beers from all over the world. They also have an extensize wine list with many south american wines. They have 8 different styles, and flavors of ceviche.

We Had (All Pictured to the Right)

  • Parmesan Encrusted Scallops on the Half Shell $13
  • Classic Paella $18.50
  • Ceviche Sampler $19

The Parmesan encrusted scallops on the half shell were amazing. After you finish the scallops, you cannot help but to scrape the remainder of the cheese on the shell.

The Paella was very authentic tasting. I was very surprised at the amount of seafood they give you.

The ceviche sampler was a variety of flavors accompanied with white corn, and sweet potatoes.  All of the samples were very flavorful.

I do reccomend you trying terre Sur Cafe atleast once. After you do, post your review HERE.


Parmesan Scallops Paella Ceviche Mixto