(CLOSED)Toasted Pheasant Bistro, Carrollwood's Eclectic European Fusion

Toasted Pheasant is located on Dale Mabry in the Carrollwood grand plaza shopping center. They have a European eclectic menu. Some of the dishes at Toasted Pheasant have a French flare, while others will have an Italian. A classic French appetizer they offer is the Escargot, while the Tuscan shrimp bruschetta encapsulates the classic Italian flavor. You have many entree dishes to satisfy your palate. They do actually serve toasted pheasant.

We dined there on Sunday October 9th 2011

We had (All Pictured)

  • Black n Bleu Grouper $20.99
  • Roast Sirloin $15.99

The complimentary bread that is served with the meal had a very unique olive sauce/dip. Both entrees we ordered were specials. The presentation was spot on, and much like fine dining (without the price).

I must admit, I had not heard of serving grouper "black n bleu" style before, and was a little skeptical. It turned out to be a perfect! 

The roast sirloin was absolutely amazing. It was prepared medium. I assume this is a standard Sunday special they offer. I do recommend trying it if you happen to dine on Sunday. After you try Toasted Pheasant for the 1st time, or for the 5th time, post your review here.

Overall conclusion is Toasted Pheasant is a great addition to Carrollwood, and Tampa. I cannot believe I waited 4 years after they opened to try it out.

Toasted Pheasant

Black and Blue GrouperRoast SirloinYummy sauce with the Bread